****Discount Codes: BFG Red, RCV, BFG, Fox, King, PSC, Maxxis, Currie, Dynatrac, KM3****

Fabtech 4 Inch Budget Lift Kit w/Performance Shocks - K2160



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Part Number: FABK2160

  • Fits 2008 to 2013 FORD F350 4WD
  • Lift Height: 4 Inch
  • Front: Coil Spring Spacers
  • Drop Brackets
  • Rear: Lift Blocks
  • U to Bolt Kit
  • Performance Shocks

From kits for the everyday showman to the off-road enthusiast, Fabtech’s award-winning design, rigorous testing procedures, and tireless attention to detail help to ensure a product unparalleled in quality. Choose from the Fabtech Crawler, Radius Arm, Long Arm, Coilover Conversion, or any other, immaculately designed Fabtech lift kit. Whether you woke up in the morning and felt like scaling a mountain, or just want to stand out in the crowd, a Fabtech Suspension System is more than a smart choice; it’s common sense.

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