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Fox 2.5 Coilover, Factory Series, Piggy Back - Pre-Tuned


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Coilover Springs

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Experience the best performance and comfort with pre-tuned Fox 2.5 Coilovers from AccuTune Off-Road. Includes dual rate springs with Eibach 14″ Long, 3.0″ ID, Up To 700 Lb/In upper spring, and Eibach 16″ Long, 3.0″ ID, Up To 800 Lb/In lower spring.

From the finish line of the Indy 500 to the deserts of dakar, Fox coilover shocks have proven themselves year after year. Most applications are designed for use with a dual stage spring set-up. Whether you are upgrading your sand rail, linking your rock rig, or building an unlimited trophy truck, Fox has a coilover shock to fit your needs.

  • 2.5" Diameter Race Proven Coilover Shocks
  • 7/8" Shaft
  • Bleed: 1X ∅.070
  • Tunable and fully rebuildable
  • Available with Black Hardware and a Zinc finish
  • Hard Chrome finish subject to a 2-3 week delivery time
Part # Description Travel Ext. Length (in) Col. Length (in) Shaft (in) Plating Oil
Level (cc)
FOX-980-02-162 Fox 2.5" Coilover Shock 8.0" 24.43" 17.50" 0.875" Zinc 565
FOX-980-02-163 Fox 2.5" Coilover Shock 10.0" 29.43" 19.50" 0.875" Zinc 670
FOX-980-02-164 Fox 2.5" Coilover Shock 12.0" 33.43" 21.50" 0.875" Zinc 770
FOX-980-02-165 Fox 2.5" Coilover Shock 14.0" 38.43" 24.50" 0.875" Zinc 930
FOX-980-02-166 Fox 2.5" Coilover Shock 16.0" 42.43" 26.50" 0.875" Zinc 1030

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