Adams Driveshaft JL Non Rubicon Front 1310 and Rear 1350 CV



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New Front 1310 Extreme Duty CV and Rear 1350 Extreme Duty Flange Style CV Driveshaft Package for a Jeep JL Wrangler NON Rubicon. Custom made by Adams Driveshaft.

Now that you own the Newest Generation Wrangler, it's time to upgrade to the Strongest Made Driveshaft.

Why not Buy from a Company that Owns, Lives, and Breathes Offroad vehicles like we do as you can see in the Pictures above. We Test our Products on our own Jeeps to make sure the parts we are using hold up to the Pressure and Abuse that they are put through.

Adams has come up with a Front 1310 CV Series and Rear 1350 Series Package that lets you have 1350 at the Front Differential, Rear T-case, the Rear Differential, and 1310 CV series at the front T-case to allow for the clearance If you have installed a V8 Conversion. We use this package in a lot of JK GM V-8 conversions to allow clearance for the GM Shift Linkage, Transmission, Etc.



***Please Note: Depending on the size and manufacturer of your lift kit, rear upper adjustable control arms may be needed to help set the pinion angle***

This Extreme Duty Series Solid 1350 CV Driveshaft will work up to 42" Tall Tires. Bigger tires add more Weight, Traction, and more Pressure on your Drivetrain Components like your Driveshafts, Axles, Gears, Etc., so you want to make sure you are buying the Strongest driveshaft for your Jeep.

Benefits of Buying an Adams Driveshaft: 

  • Rear Driveshaft Part# ASDJL-1350R-S2D, ASDJL-1350R-S4D
  • Made out of 2 1/2" X .95 Wall D.O.M. tubing that is Double the Strength of the Factory Tubing to Handle more Abuse. Competitors use 2 1/2" x .083.
  • Has a Longer Slip n Stub than some of our Competitors.
  • Built only with Components made by Spicer and Neapco.
  • Uses the Strongest Non Greasable U-joints on the Market.
  • American Made Rear 1350 Flange Style T-case Yoke that gives you more Angle.
  • Bolts to your O.E.M Rear Pinion Flange Yoke so Crush Sleeve won't be Disturbed.
  • Contains a set of [4] Grade 10 CV Bolts with small heads on them so they are easier to install and Loctite.
  • Front Driveshaft Part# ASDJL-1310CV1350F-S-OEM
  • Made out of 2" X .120 Wall D.O.M. tubing that is Double the Strength of the Factory Tubing and will clear the exhaust and cross member eliminating damage to the driveshaft at full droop.
  • Has Long Full Spline Slip n Stub unlike some of our Competitors.
  • Built only with Components made by Spicer and Neapco.
  • Has the Strongest Solid Non Greasable U-joints on the Market.
  • Has a Heavy Duty Flange on it that fits your OEM Pinion Flange so it is Easier to install and you won't Disturb the Crush Sleeve.
  • Comes with Grade 10 CV Bolts with small heads on them so they are easier to install and a Packet of Loctite. Our Competitors comes with Grade 8.


This Item will include the following parts:  

[1] Rear 2 1/2" X .095 Wall Extreme Duty 1350 CV Driveshaft with Solid Non Greaseable U-joints. Lifetime Warranty if you twist our tube, break a weld, or Break a U-joint in half due to Torque.

[1] Front 2" x .120 Wall Extreme Duty 1310 CV Driveshaft with 1350 Series on the Front Pinion. Lifetime Warranty if you twist our tube, break a weld, or Break a U-joint in half due to Torque.

[1] Rear 1350 Flange Style Transfer Case Output Shaft Yoke.

[1] Front 1310 Series Transfer Case Yoke.

[1] Set of Eight Grade 10 Bolts for Rear Pinion Flange.

[1] Set of 4 Grade 10 Rear Transfer Case Bolts.

[1] Set of 4 Grade 10 CV Bolts. There is Four bolts with small heads so they are easier to install.

[1] Adams Driveshaft T-Shirt.

Driveshafts come painted Gloss Black Show Quality.