Dana Spicer Ultimate Dana 44 Front Axle with 4.56 ARB Locker JK 10048822


SKU: 10048822


Ultimate Dana 44 Axle Assembly Jeep Wrangler JK Front 4.56 Ratio ARB

The Ultimate Dana 44 axle is a direct bolt-in solution and allows you to reuse your stock wheel ends. Featuring a number of upgrades for added on-trail durability, plus added strength wherever you take your vehicle, the Ultimate Dana 44 axle is built to meet the demands of serious off-road enthusiasts. Features include: Thicker tubes for improved strength, rigidity and durability, thicker 1/4 inch steel brackets to resist bending and endure off-road environments, chromoly axle shafts for optimal strength and performance, Spicer Life Series (SPL) 1350 u-joints with triple lip seals and full-circle clips for ultimate protection and retention, performance differential cover and Spicer performance gasket, genuine Spicer gearing, optimized pinion angles for lifted vehicles. Increased gross axle weight rating (GAWR) allows for the added weight of suspension upgrades, bumpers, winches and larger tires. Improved caster angle to reduce bump steer on lifted vehicles.

Brand UD44
Axle Model DANA 44
Gear Ratio 4.56
Traction Device ARB Air Locker
Mounting Bracket Included Y
Brakes Included N
Axle Shaft U Joint Series 1350
Axle Shaft Material Chromoly
Inner Axle Shaft Spline Count 30
Outer Axle Spline Count 32
End Yoke Style Companion Flange
Drive Shaft U Joint Series 1310
Package Type EACH
Package Qty 1
Weight 191.8 LB
Country of Origin


United States