CO2 Tank 10 LB Floor Bracket Package A 400 PSI Power Tank


SKU: FB10-5240-YL-P

CO2 Tank Floor Bracket Package A from Power Tank. The Floor Bracket Package A is a great starter air system for the construction market, fence builder, maintenance worker, of anyone who needs a self-contained ready-to-use air source.
The light aluminum Floor Brackt. holds the CO2 tank at the perfect angle to expel vapor yet provide a super low center of gravity for maximum stability.

This Package A includes the Floor Bracket, a 25 foot braided SuperFlex hose, the fittings, our 0-250 PSI SuperFlow HP400i regulator, the Power Grip regulator guard, a 10 lb. capacity aluminum CO2 tank with protective boot, and a regulator cover.

  • Floor Bracket
  • 25 Foot Braided SuperFlex Hose
  • Fittings
  • 400 PSI SuperFlow Regulator
  • Power Grip Regulator Guard
  • 10 LB Capacity Aluminum CO2 Tank
  • Protective Boot
  • Regulator Cover