CO2 Tank 10 LB RV Gold Package Power Tank



CO2 Tank 10 LB RV Gold Package from Power Tank. The Silver Package is a good system but add our complete tire inflation kit and now you have a Great system. We call it the Gold package. Notice that the tire inflation kit includes our new 6 foot extension whip.
Ever heard of zipper burst? That's when a damaged high pressure tire blows the side wall out while it's being inflated. The 6 foot extension with the clip-on chuck allows you to stand away from the sidewall during inflation.

The two dual head chucks allow you to reach virtually any style of valve stem that cannot be accessed for the clip-on chuck.

  • 10 LB Armorcoat Tank
  • Color Option
  • SuperFlow RV 180 PSI Regulator
  • Power Grip Guard
  • 10 Foot coiled hose
  • Coupler Fittings
  • Tank Boot
  • Speed Bag
  • TIG-8160 RV Tire Inflator with 6 foot hose, 160 PSI
  • (2) Dual head chucks plus Clip-on Chuck