PSC Full Hydraulic Steering Systems FHK100TJ '95-'06 Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ/XJ




Jeep TJ/YJ.XJ Double Ended Full Hydraulic Kit

Now that many of the TJ's are making their way to hard core trails, we decided it was time to offer hard core steering to those TJ owners who need more.

This kit features SC-2212 steering cylinder w/ steering valve that will be 3.5 turns full right turn to full left turn. This kit uses the SP1852X TJ high out put pump kit with filtered reservoir, and a custom machined orbital column to attach right to the stock TJ steering shaft. The kit is complete everything you need, even all the hoses, and if you are running the stock, or aftermarket axles let us know upon ordering and we will custom make the cylinder to fit your set up

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