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PSC 2.5" x 8" XD Double Ended Cylinder sc2212k



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SKU #: SC2212K

8" stroke x 2.5" bore x 1.5" rod Double ended cylinder with mount clamps.  Rod has 3/4-16 female threads on each end.

#1 Selling Double Ended Cylinder.


Grooved Non Slip Housing

2.5" Bore

1.50" Male and Female Rods for Easy Service

-6 An Pressure Fittings

120CC Valve 3.4 Turns Lock To Lock

160CC Valve 2.6 Turns Lock To Lock (requires pump tuning)

185CC Valve 2.2 Turns Lock To Lock (race only, pump tuning required)

At 1650PSI Produces 5148LB Turning Force

At 1800 PSI Produces 5654LB Turning Force

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