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12-17 Jeep JK 1/2" High Pressure Hose Conversion Kit



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SKU #: PSC-HK2097

12-17 Jeep JK OEM steering high pressure hoses have found to be to restrictive and have a teflon insert. Stock pumps or upgraded pumps overheat when you install larger tires and ask the small piston gear box to turn them. The heat melts the teflon insert and sends it directly into the valve of the gearbox.We have found that this restriction also can have some overall system speed issues when adding cylinder assist. PSC now has a true 1/2" ID pressure hose kit with no teflon insert that converts your pump and gear box to -8 AN for super easy install. Combine this with the -8 AN return line kit for maximum increase in flow and turning speed.

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