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Aeromotive 5.0 Brushless Gear Pump Module



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Aeromotive took decades of experience of designing and manufacturing both mechanical and electric fuel pumps to engineer a whole new level of performance. The 3.5 Brushless Gear Pump features a mini spur gear design that allows for higher pressures with minimal drop in flow. This new brushless gear pump is able to move more fluid and sustain higher pressures without failure.

This pump is design for use as a direct drop-in replacement for the any Aeromotive fuel cell, including COPO, Cobra Jet or Drag Pak race cars. This in-tank configuration is also a great option when building a custom fuel cell.

The 5.0 GPM Gear Pump, the flagship of Aeromotive electric fuel pumps, yields 5 gallons per minute which is the highest flowing electric pump at pressures above 40 psi in the market. It features a -12 AN inlet and -10 AN outlet

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