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Reid Chevy Heavy Duty Dana 60 Kingpin Steering Knuckles


Knuckle Side

Product Details

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  • D60001CL (left, driver's side)
  • D60001CR (right, passenger's side)
  • The strongest Dana 60 knuckles on the market
  • Cast from high strength ductile iron
  • Beefed up with extra material and ribbing
  • 100% interchangeable with a Chevy kingpin knuckle
  • 5th bolt hole for high steer arms (4 bolt arms still fit).
    For 5 hole steering arm distributors click here
  • Cast in steering stop eliminates bent stop bolts
  • Tapered tie rod hole for 1-ton ends
  • Tie rod holes can be drilled to accept 3/4" rod end
  • Powder coated bright orange for long lasting looks
  • Fully machined and ready for installation

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