Winters Performance 187-1R Winters 4L80E Reverse Pattern Rockgate Sidewinder Shifter With Cable


SKU: 187-1 option 9112-4013-1

A responsiveness that puts you far ahead of your competition... the sureness that snaps you into the gear you want, when you want it... the kind of ruggedness that lets you slam it into gear without the fear of jamming or springing the mechanism... that's the Art Carr-Winters shifter for you! It's so well built, so finely engineered, so beautifully designed that you know at once... it has to be by Winters®. The Art Carr-Winters Shifter is Fail-Safe! With Stock style gate plate patterns it is mechanically impossible to accidentally shift into reverse from any forward gear. With Rock Crawler gate patterns you can easly shift from forward to reverse by just pushing the shift lever forward. A sturdy, steel guard bars the shifting rod from all other positions except when you want to put it there. The Art Carr-Winters shifter can be installed on any street, strip or off road transmission. It is available in both conventional and reverse shift patterns.


  • 11.5" long x 4.75" wide x 6.5" tall
  • All shifters include basic shifter, 5 ft. cable and necessary hardware to mount to the transmission. The black plastic housing is included.

Winters 4l80 reverse