****Discount Codes: BFG Red, RCV, BFG, Fox, King, PSC, Maxxis, Currie, Dynatrac, KM3****

Spicer Weld Yoke 3-28-47



Product Details

U-Joint Series     1350  
Universal Joint Retaining Width   E   3.625  
Universal Joint Bearing Diameter   D   1.188  
Yoke Width across Yoke Ears   W   3.875  
Compatible U-Joint Kits     SPI-5-178X,SPI-5-1350X,SPI-SPL30-1X  
General Design Type     Steel  
Tube Diameter and Wall Size     2.500 X .083 W  
Butt Diameter   F   2.344  
Centerline of Joint to Point of Weld   H   1.938  
Joint Angle     20.000  
Used in Tube Yoke and Yoke Assembly     SPI-3-27-1  

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