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Advanced Adapters 50-5905D : Heavy Duty Dual Bearing Toyota Crawler Kit



Product Details

Advance Adapter


The new Tx2 double bearing design crawler adapter is designed for the 1979-95 Toyota Truck gear-driven transfer case. The adapter is made from a strong 356-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy and is 2.375” in length. The adapter kit includes an adapter housing, double bearing coupler, thrust washer, steel ball, two roller bearings, needle bearing, snap rings, gaskets, fastening hardware and adapter instructions.

Transfer Case


The adapter assembly fits the Toyota Truck 21 spline gear driven transfer cases. This transfer case has a male 21 spline input shaft and can also be identified by 7 bolts attaching the tailhousing to the transfer case.

Please give us a call or visit or on-line catalog for specific transfer case information when using the Tx2 crawler kit.

If you have a 23 spline t-case, use kit 50-5906D Tx2 Crawler Adapter for the 23 spline gear-driven transfer case

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