IBEX 4 Seat Chassis


SKU: 1104-BS


The Ibex 4-seat shares the same front and middle sections with the 2-seat Ibex chassis so all of the engine mounts, suspension links and mounts, etc are the same.

  • 110″ wheel base when using the Ibex suspension package
  • 40″ rear bench seat, single rear seat (3-seat) option
  • 16″ travel rear shocks, 14″ travel front shocks
  • 18 gal Ibex fuel tank

The base tube kit is a stripped down version of the full tube kit with just the main tubes.  This is the most economical Ibex kit and allows the most builder customization.  This level of completion is often our competitor’s complete chassis!!   The base tube kit features are:

  • Main/exterior tubes, 165′ of  1020 DOM tubing, 345 lbs total weight
  • 65 laser notched tubes with individual part numbers, ready to weld
  • Additional diagonal and bracing are recommended and to be added by the builder
  • No hood tubes, likely configuration when using a Jeep or FJ hood
  • Includes flat plate gussets and tube cage gussets
  • Builder can add any Ibex components or add any of the additional tubes included in the Full Tube Kit
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