Maxxis 37X12.50-17LT Tire, Creepy Crawler - TL30027300


SKU: TL30027300

Dominating off road challenges has never been easier with the Maxxis Extreme bias Creepy Crawler tires

  • DOT-approved for highway use
  • Large shoulder lugs and sidewall design provide unparalleled side bite in difficult off-road terrain
  • Recommended maximum speed of 65mph
  • Special construction design allows the tire to conform to different terrain surfaces
  • Stone ejectors provide protection against tread cap damage from sharp rocks
  • Unique multi-edged knob design and sipe arrangement enhance traction on slippery surfaces

Designed to conquer slightly different terrain than the Trepador bias, the Creepy Crawler also features a conformable bias-ply casing to maximize the contact patch on uneven off-road terrain. The unique pattern and sidewall design excel on mud and rocky terrain.

  • Tire Size: 37X12.50-17LT
  • Black Sidewall
  • Speed Rating: L
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10
  • Oveall Diameter: 37.4
  • Section width: 13.3
  • Rim Range: 8.5 - 11.0
  • Tread Depth = 27/32
  • Max Load: 3525
  • Note: Serrated Sidewall Design