Spicer 3-4-6211-1 (1350, 32 Spline)



This Forged 1350 series yoke is designed to fit the 32 spline front and rear output shafts of New Process 205, 203, and Atlas transfer cases. The yoke has the required chamfer at the base of the hub to clear the bearing cage on Atlas transfer cases.

U-Joint Series     1350  
Spline Major Diameter     1.401  
Spline Count     32.000  
Spline Type     Involute  
Spline Pressure Angle     45 deg.  
Ground Hub Diameter   R   2.125  
Length Thru Bore   Q   2.000  
Centerline of Joint to End of Spline   S   3.500  
Universal Joint Retaining Width   E   3.625  
Universal Joint Bearing Diameter   D   1.188  
Counterbore Depth     0.000  
Joint Angle     22.000  
Style     U Bolt  
Compatible U-Joint Kits     SPI-5-178X,SPI-5-1350X,SPI-SPL30-1X  
U-Bolt or Strap Assembly     NDT-3-94-18X (included)  
Bare Yoke part number (if assembly - included)      
Slinger Part Number (if assembly - included)     Can use ROK-DEFR34-1 (not included)  
Notes     Forged, has chamfer to clear Atlas bearing cages  
Cast/Forged     Forged